Posted by: mydarkestplaces | August 15, 2011

Well shucks…

I feel like I should put out this disclaimer.

I was thinking about my tourist rant over the weekend and I realized: if you don’t know me, then you may not realize that I really don’t hate tourists.

I don’t hate tourists. They do a lot to support our state in general and me in particular. I work in a community that needs tourists to subsist. Even if I didn’t like tourists at all, I would be grateful to them for that.

Also, some of the offenders of my previous rant are locals/people from in-state. We Mainers are not exempt from acting stupid in an outlet town.

Finally, it is the unfortunate burden of all tourists to be judged based on the stupid actions of a few. Just like many out of staters make generalizations about Mainers based on things like the Redneck Olympics and Wife-Carrying Competitions, when we see some tourists do something dumb that brush applies to all tourists.

So. Ultimately. I’m sorry for being so judgmental towards one of the State of Maine’s greatest revenue sources. Rest assured I don’t actually mean it. (Heck. Some tourists are even nice!)

Just remember – just because I said I’m sorry doesn’t mean you’re absolved from being a jerk!

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