Posted by: mydarkestplaces | August 11, 2011

Things that I hate…

Welcome to a rant of epic proportions. Mayhap not one with much context and continuity, but a rant of epic proportions just the same. I’m hoping that ranting about the general public on here will lessen my chances of doing more than thinking VERY loudly at customers.

One: Please to be freaking polite. Good. Lord. Am I the only one who had a Grandmother who constantly drilled into my head “Mind your Ps and Qs” (Please and ThanQu)?

Two: Just because I work in a store doesn’t mean I’m your personal freaking shopper. I will be happy to go look out back for a size for you, but at least make an effort to look on the floor first.

Two.Two: This is especially applicable when you’re standing right by a stack of the product. Don’t just gesture and ask me to find you a particular size. That’s just asinine.

Three: I tweeted about this yesterday, so sorry about the repetitiveness for those who follow me on Twitter, but please don’t act all huffy when the fitting rooms are all occupied at 4pm on a rainy afternoon. Guess what. It’s an outlet town. It happens.

Four: Parking. To quote Wil Wheaton, “Don’t be a dick.” Don’t park crooked, don’t take up two or three parking spaces at a time. And, for God’s sake!, please try to avoid hitting the cars of we poor schmoes who work in town. We work in retail, we (generally) don’t make enough money to pay to get minor dings and scrapes fixed. Despite what our cars may look like, it’s not that we don’t care that they’re dented. It’s we can’t afford to make them look otherwise.

Five: OBEY THE TRAFFIC LAWS!!! This is probably one of the things that irritates me the most in town. Speed limit = 25mph. Yield for pedestrians in crosswalk (although I advise yielding for them outside of the crosswalk, too).

Six: On the other hand, pedestrians – OBEY THE TRAFFIC LAWS!!! The crosswalks are there for your protection. Don’t idly wander out into the road. A) You could get hit. B) You piss off tourists driving through and those of us who work in town.

Seven: Form a line correctly – don’t curve it so you block the exits…or the counter…or the menu…or the aisles…

Eight: This may harken back to the “Mind your Ps and Qs” but, the words “excuse me” should not be a foreign concept. A little bit of niceness goes a hell of a long way. Don’t just shove your way through a crowd. You look like an ass. And – shocker – you piss people off.

Nine: DON’T BLOCK THE SIDEWALKS! We who work in town get it. It can be a little confusing where all the different shops are, were, aren’t. But for god’s sake. Step to the side of the road so we can get by.

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