Posted by: mydarkestplaces | March 29, 2009

The awesomeness of coffee shops

I love coffee. I don’t think that there’s anyone who would (or could) dispute that based on how often I write about coffee (whether on Twitter, Facebook, or here). But besides the wonderfulness of a well roasted French Roast, Lucky 7, or Alanzo’s Double Dark, there’s also the allure of the people watching. I walked into Arabica an hour and a half ago and, besides the obvious allure of being able to snag a table that has a power source (yay Wi-Fi!!), getting here early allows for the best opportunity to people watch. Pop in some earbuds and suddenly you can imagine the conversations happening between any given people. At the window bar we have the mod crowd – talking about whatever show happened at Space last night and how much weed they smoked. At the tables along the side we have some students anxiously cramming for the midterms coming up before spring break. Away from the outlets we have a mother/son team playing/learning cribbage (huzzah for sharing that awesomeness!!). And up on the raised section, we have some aspiring writers (yes, including myself) who are watching as the customers ebb and flow. There are people I know who come in, people I think I might know, people I’d like to know, and people I have no clue who the heck they are. But that’s part of what makes coffee shops so incredibly great. You can be that person that everyone knows, or you can just sit in the corner, staring out the window dreaming…


**Post Script: You can also evidently be that person who orders a skinny latte and waves/snaps at the barista saying “uh excuse me, that’s mine” in a rather snooty way. But really – no one wants likes that person, so please don’t be that person! :o)

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