Posted by: mydarkestplaces | April 2, 2009


I am in awe of people who can truly write well. I know I do all right when it comes to writing, but people like Wil Wheaton, David Pogue, my real brother, Chris, and one of my faux brothers, Brian, show me how much more room I have to grow. It’s been a dream of mine to write a book. My dream book alternates between fiction and non-fiction, but when it comes to execution, I just don’t have the attention span to write an actual book. Even with a blog, it takes a lot of talent to get people to come back day after day, or week after week. Yet these guys, particularly Wil Wheaton and David Pogue, have thousands of readers (including myself!!) who wait on baited breath – or at least excitedly – for that next post to be up. It’s crazy! And David Pogue has written books that are HUNDREDS of pages long. To be able to write an 800 page book, have it be cohesive, amusing and engrossing (and it’s a book about an Operating System, for God’s sakes!) is so far beyond me. I can barely get through a five hundred word blog entry. *sigh* Someday I hope to be as successful a writer, as critically acclaimed if not as widely read, as these guys are. In the meantime, I’ll keep picking away and someday I’ll have the material to write my book.

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