Posted by: mydarkestplaces | March 27, 2009

Catharsis in the weirdest places

This week has been chock full of ups and downs and all arounds (in case you missed a brief glimpse at the turmoil, here it is). I officially gave notice at Apple, so am going to be down to two jobs as of 3pm next Friday. So, yay (and boo, let’s be honest). I’m feeling increasingly content that I made the right decision about taking the full time position. We had a team captains meeting for Relay for Life and when we got out at seven it was still sunny (huzzah, is spring finally here?!). Got to hang out socially with a bunch of people that I don’t normally see outside of certain environments, and did I mention that spring may actually be here? These are all fabulous uppers. The downers are still unavailable for comment, but are lurking in the unpleasant corners of my mind waiting to pounce. But I’m doing my best to kick their ass as often as possible.

These are the things that have driven me to a great little coffee shop downtown. I decided that instead of moping around the house drinking wine (which despite it being three o’clock in the afternoon was a distinct possibility…), I needed to get out and about otherwise there was a chance I wouldn’t leave at all. So while sitting in the coffeeshop, trying to look more productive than just checking out stupid cat pictures I decided to write my self-appraisal for L.L. Bean. It’s been sitting on my virtual desktop for probably a month now, but the last time I tried to work on it the word processor kept crashing and the frustration was not worth it. So. Here we are. A month later, a lot more introspection and a different perspective altogether now that I’m not looking towards L.L. Bean for my next career step. You wouldn’t think that writing a self-appraisal for a position where I’ve been yanked hither and thither (and not in the pleasant way) would be cathartic, yet here we are. However, so many things that I wrote were things that I felt needed to be said. And getting it off my chest probably helped me feel better about the time that I do spend there. I sent it off to my supervisor. Tomorrow we should be sitting down to talk about…things…and I’ll be interested in hearing what he has to say about my thoughts. In the interim though, I’m going to finish my latte, my productivity, and head out to my friend’s play. It’s a girls’ and Arden – and maybe Dan – night out on the town. This should be fun!!

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