Posted by: mydarkestplaces | June 21, 2018

Current events

So. Okay. If you’re reading this chances are you know me well enough and/or have known me long enough to know I would have to process current events. What the United States of America is currently doing to immigrants is deplorable. And unpatriotic. And just downright hateful.

Seemed particularly fitting that this piece of history showed up in my Digital Time Capsules this morning.

We’ve seen what happens with behavior like what’s going on today. This is what the piece of history down on the Portland Waterfront warns us of. To ignore tyranny sets us up for sixty plus years of suppression. Recovering from that will be harder than standing up to the suppression to begin with.

We cannot forget the tyranny? We cannot forget the results of complacency.

It’s a short walk from “this is only happening to X Demographic,” to “this isn’t happening to me just my neighbors,” to “this is happening to me.”

By standing up for all we stand up for ourselves. By protecting all we protect ourselves.

We cannot rest on our laurels without imposing suffering upon all successive generations.

Call your representatives, your senators, your governors, hell, even the president. Go on the record that it’s not okay what’s happening now.

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