Posted by: mydarkestplaces | April 3, 2018

Online Psychiatrist

I’ve been rather profoundly lucky when it comes to my med management for my mental health issues. Wasn’t for nothing I called my first psychiatrist Dr. McDreamy nor that I call my current doctor’s office whenever I’m in need of something more. Even when that call is at 3am.

What had me exploring this link (Reasons to Choose an Online Psychiatrist) is that my source of med management is predominantly a Residency program. And that’s cool. My insurance knocks down the amount for seeing the residents. Also when seeing doctors new to the field they haven’t been IN the field long enough to be jaded. What’s challenging about it is that the minute I get actually talking to the psychiatrist about my head issues their residency is up.

I think I’m ready to commit. Ready to commit to actively pursuing better head health (TM pending). In order to do that I need to be seeing a doctor regularly for more than a year. Residents have to split time between individual clients, rounds through P6 (my local hospital’s psych wing), and their own lives. I don’t begrudge any of them that aspect of their training. They’re going to be better doctors for seeing every aspect of psychiatric care. What I think I’m looking for these days is someone I’m not expecting to be gone within six months.

As tends to happen to me I’m thinking. A lot. At rocket speeds. I appreciate the opportunity to explore options for further care.  All that’s left is stepping up to pursue the options presented.

Once again the Internet has me thinking things. It’s good like that for me.

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