Posted by: mydarkestplaces | February 27, 2018

There’s help out there

I know there may be confusion as to why I’m going back to Waiting for that Rocket when most of the past couple years has been documented on My Darkest Places. I felt it important to return to my roots .That doesn’t mean I’m out of My Darkest Places. My core is definitely still dark, but with my Program, my various Talking Head Shrinks, Med Head shrinks, my social media circles, my family…and all the crossover therein, I’m starting to notice a brighter edge.

This morning, when I went to meeting, it occurred to me that I’m starting to think myself worth it. It’s remarkable how just the presence of strangers in my life who listen to me judgement free have helped with that. I have to thank friends I never would have met without Twitter. And, as always, my thanks go to Fark and Wil Wheaton for convincing me Twitter was a place to be.

It’s my immediate thought of the Internet teaching me about self care for my mental health issues that has me wanting to spread the word about some online resources that can help you gain a more even footing. Below you’ll find a couple links about finding resources online or a way to find a human resource in your neighborhood to meet and talk with on the regular.

If we don’t share our issues with another human in whatever forum necessary then we’ll never stop being weighted down and resenting our issues regardless of how much said issues endear us to our loved ones.

Use these links to remind you that you’re worth it. Use them to talk yourself out of whatever choice is percolating in your mind. These resources will help you stabilize yourself remind you that you’re an okay, or better than okay, human being.

You are loved. Sometimes we all need that explicit reminder.

Pros of online counseling

Looking for a face to face appointment? Counselors near you.

As always when you find yourself in danger of hurting yourself or someone else please call 1-800-273-8255 or text 741-741. We may forget, a lot, but there are people in the wings waiting to help.

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