Posted by: mydarkestplaces | July 3, 2012

Morning Routines

There’s a certain amount of comfort that can come from a deep-seeded morning routine.

A friend of mine just got back from her Birthright trip to Israel. She was gone for ten days and today was the first time we have seen each other since before she left. In playing the catch up game she asked, “So, what’s going on with you? What’d I miss?”

This gave me pause.

I jokingly replied, “Do you really think I left this corner seat while you were gone?” But thinking on it, that’s not really an exaggeration. I come to the coffee shop, I go to work, I go home and read/watch TV/nap. Sometimes I write, but I think we can all agree that doesn’t happen as much as it should.

Now, that undersells a lot of progress I’ve made inside my own head over the past couple weeks. Not that I’m fixed (let’s be real, that’ll never happen), but I find myself (very) cautiously optimistic about the future. So far it’s working for me.

I find that – as I get “so much” older (I’m still a child) – how I start my day is sacrosanct and a firm routine is the only way I can go about my day in any functional way. With my friend returned from Israel, techno mornings re-instituted, and a wide array of Costa Rican coffee beans available for consumption, I feel I’m ready to go about tackling my work week again :)

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