Posted by: mydarkestplaces | April 15, 2012

2012 haz teh suk

It is with a heavy heart and unequivocal tone that I say 2012 has been an absolutely wretched year for me.

A lot of you have been along for the ride, whether in person, here or on Twitter and Facebook. And for that I thank you. Kara Sassone (née Matuszewski) sent me a tweet that encapsulates what I feel whenever something tragic happens in my life: “You are surrounded by love.” Since becoming a part of the Twitter community here in Maine and Northern New England I have felt naught but love. I’ve been infuriated and frustrated, but ultimately when things get rough my friends on Twitter, and off, are there for me with unqualified love.

It’s this that I have to keep in perspective as my life seemingly falls into the shitter. This year I’ve lost two friends and one of the only faux fathers I’ve had (as in not a substitute father – mine’s just fine thank you – but an extra dad to keep me in line). It’s only April.

On the other hand, I’ve gotten a niece and have had such a tremendous wealth of love and support to get me through the horrible times. My life is so tremendously blessed. I shouldn’t have to compare my life to what’s happening abroad to gain perspective, but sometimes I do. I have more than enough food, more than enough first-world creature comforts, and a government that (while I may not always agree with them) won’t massacre my loved ones just because I disagree.

So. While this year is indubitably crappy – and there is a long way for it go for it to turn around – my life is filled with love.

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