Posted by: mydarkestplaces | March 28, 2012

This is personal…


I tend to think of myself as a fairly easy going person. Live and let live and all that. I just get so righteously…PISSED when I feel my right to not listen is taken away.
See, that’s how I tend to avoid unnecessary conflict. My opinion is highly unlikely to change on some of today’s hot button issues. There’s nothing anyone on the opposing side of marriage, abortion, immigration, or welfare can say that will make me change my mind. Truth? I’m sure the opposite is true also. There’s nothing <em>I</em> can say that will change <em>their</em> minds. What is swiftly emerging as an ironclad truth, however, is that while I may be willing to walk away from the conversation (read: vitriolic fight), <em>they</em> are not.
My email has been added to an email for the National Organization for Marriage. Normally, while incredibly irritating, I wouldn’t be up in arms about this. Hell, the way email addresses are bought and sold nowadays, I’m shocked my email hasn’t ended up on conservative lists before now. The difference is: NOM won’t let me unsubscribe. I hit the buttons, select the boxes and the damn emails continue to land in my inbox. This is unacceptable. 
I hope Brian Brown is ready to receive emails from NARAL, NOW, Mainers United for Marriage and HRC. This is no longer a war on/of values. This is personal.


  1. Email address? Website? Where can people launch complaints?

    • The email address is

      Please do spam the crap out of him/her. I continue to get emails from them. I continue to scream.

      Let’s talk about stressors I really don’t need in my life, shall we?

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