Posted by: mydarkestplaces | January 11, 2011

Twitter – two years in

People who aren’t on Twitter don’t often get the appeal of Twitter.

This is a fact of life that many of us who are fierce advocates must resign ourselves to.

The past 12 hours have really driven home why and how much I love the forum that is Twitter.

In one thread I was having a conversation with people I’ve barely met about depression and society’s take on it. In another I was discussing the wonderful awfulness that is Hillary Duff. In the background I was exchanging messages with a woman that I’ve never met about things that I haven’t ever really told anyone.

The community that has built up around the Twitterverse has proven time and time again how supportive and caring they are.

I wouldn’t trade these guys for the world.

As my friend @462Studio says: “We don’t all agree, but you guys are awesome just the same.”


  1. the hilary duff bonding made my world a better place for the last 24 hours. i’ve lived in this town for 12 years. i used to think that i knew everyone worth knowing- and then i found twitter and realized how wrong i was. i’ve met some of the best people i’ve ever met in the last year. it has been an incredible revelation!

  2. Hey cupcake! Some of my best friends I’ve met through Social Networking – go figure. I love my tweeps and now you’re one, too! Yay! ;)

    • Yay indeed :)

      Three years ago I never would have imagined being so close to people I’ve never met in real life :P

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