Posted by: mydarkestplaces | January 7, 2011


I have a fairly wide open view of the world and the universe. Besides my belief that there is something out there mystically, I doubt that humans and Earth-bound animals stand alone as the Universe’s sentient beings. That being said, I’m willing to accept that there are folks out there who believe differently than me.

You may see this as a random post. You are not wrong. But struck by insomnia, I found myself tragically glued to an unknown special on the History Channel about aliens and they’re stealing our DNA and hybridizing animals and humanstoPLOTOURESTRUCTIONAHHHHHHHHHH!!! Being the History Channel, they did try and keep things relatively balanced, for every crackpot like Erich von Däniken they did have some not so insane “scholar.”

My issues with the so-called “scholarly work” that people like von Däniken are doing are myriad. Allow me to enumerate.

Completely mitigates that any non-Western European civilization was able to create works of wonder without the aid of aliens.

For example, von Däniken and others postulate that things like the great Mesoamerican societies couldn’t have aligned their pyramids on the Cardinal Ordinates without alien intervention or created works of natural art like the Nazca Lines.

One man on the show (I apologize for knowing neither the name of the man or the show), kept bringing up ancient Sumerian and Egyptian creation myths as examples of alien intervention. He claimed that because hieroglyphs and cuneiform (both things that we can’t be 100% certain are actually perfectly translated) depict stories and images of humans bodies/animal heads (and vice versa) that those are actually alien science experiments. He also said that because Egyptian deities were shown to have wings that they were obviously aliens.

What about Western creation myths? I have already established I am not necessarily a Judeo-Christian kind of girl, but who am I to say that, because I don’t believe, that means that God and the angels that follow are actually all aliens and they’re trying to steer us towards self-destruction?

To be clear: I am nobody to say that. Certainly no one to be published or go on national television spewing small minded, Orientalist rhetoric. In my mind, von Däniken and those of his ilk are worse than the men and women who at one point believed the sun revolved around the Earth. At least 15th century peasants had the excuse of not knowing any better. These people are just dumb.


  1. Confirmation bias is so much nicer than being wrong.

    This is one reason I don’t watch television: even the “good” channels need ratings.

    Did you hear that a respectable journal is going to publish a study about ESP? It’s absurd.

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