Posted by: mydarkestplaces | February 15, 2010


I tend to avoid the hard topics. Seriously. I never read the news, what I know I get from reading headlines or Fark. I will avoid controversial topics. And god knows I will almost NEVER take an introspective moment to look into me. I don’t even watch serious movies. I have documentaries or “smart” movies added to my queue on Netflix, but I know the one I’m going to actually watch is going to be the chick flick where the dude falls in love with the girl and they all lived happily ever after blah blah blah.

And who can blame me? The state of the world is incredible today. Natural disasters. Armed conflict of some sort on just about every continent. Drugs and other chemicals decimating the psyche of humanity. AIDS, malaria and other pandemics sweeping the world. Who wants to live in this shit? What’s so wrong with wanting life to be a Jennifer Garner movie?

If you tend to be an ostrich (exhibit: Me), then surrounding yourself with smart, good friends is the way to go. A good friend will make you think, and laugh hysterically, at the same time. If you live in Maine, you rarely have to go further than #snugsunday. The Cliffsnotes‘ version of #snugsunday is as follows: one of our friends on Twitter is a bartender Sunday nights. As one might imagine, Sunday’s aren’t always the busiest nights. She asked for company, she got it, and for 4 months a crowd of Twitter-folk have been gathering every Sunday night. Sunday’s have been a little bit busier for her since then :)

The crowd that gathers on Sunday night is diverse, and I’ve grown to love everybody. But what I love most is we will have conversations about everything: sex, drugs, alcohol, jobs, money, food (especially chocolate – that’s always a big hit), relationships, coffee (my personal favorite), music, sports. There is no topic that is sacred, and almost no topic that we can discuss without laughing at least once.

So thanks to the #snugsunday regulars (even the Yankees fans), and those who stop in for surprise visits every now and then. Seeing you, laughing with you finishes my week out strong, and starts the next week off great!

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