Posted by: mydarkestplaces | April 24, 2009

La la la

Today marked the beginning of a beautiful friendship…No, no, no, that’s not right…

Today marked the beginning of *dah dah dahhhh* spring. Well, that was actually a couple weeks ago, so that’s not exactly right either.

Let me try again, today I went for my first therapeutic drive of the warm weather season. And let me tell you, it was a doozy. I don’t know how many of you have ever driven out Rt 302 (from Portland to Naples, or vice versa) during the peak summer months, but believe you me, it can be wretched traffic wise. And, although today wasn’t exactly Fourth of July traffic, 302 wasn’t exactly the road less travelled either. Even though I was driving out there at 2pm (still a little bit early to just be skipping out of work despite the warm weather, IMO) there was a pretty good sized stream of cars heading either direction. While driving through Westbrook and Windham aren’t always the most titillating areas, when you hit Naples it really comes home how special a place Maine is.

This is what awaited me when I reached my destination:


Sebago Lake from the Causeway

Sebago Lake from the Causeway

Not a bad view – and this was taken from my phone. The actual colors and landscape are much more striking in technicolor (versus whatever weird sepia-ish thing is going on here). From here I opted against driving on to Conway and chose instead to saunter on down Rt. 114 towards Gorham. Through forests, along the lake shore and finally over rolling farmlands, today was a distinct reminder of why I love Maine so much. If you ever get a chance, take a loop out through Western Maine. The scenery is fantastic, the people are decent, and, if you can get past the tourists, you’ll remember what brought you to Maine, and why you continue to stay.

For me the most important byproduct of my therapeutic drives are I remember that as claustrophobic as I can feel in Portland from time to time (excellent coffee selection withstanding), a mere 45 minutes away is an immense outdoor playground ready for me to re-discover.


  1. Hey, did I stumble upon the Maine tourism site by accident? It just so happens I came home (to Auburn) from VT via rte.302 (mostly) last Saturday and it was a very enjoyable ride. I did have the pleasure of going through both Naples and Conway and the road was not deserted and even a little slow going in Conway, what with people walking out into the middle of the road without looking, maybe it has something to do with outlet shopping. It is a lovely drive though.

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