Posted by: mydarkestplaces | April 23, 2009

Spring in Portland, Part Deux

There is no longer any doubt about whether it’s spring in Portland or not (flowers, green grass, budding trees and ever present skateboarders and bikers on Middle St mean that it is definitely here), so now I’m going to share with you why I love spring in Portland. 

  • Iced coffee (sans irony of drinking it in winter)
  • Street corner musicians – particularly the good ones
  • The macabre hope that today is going to be the day that one of the damn skateboarders is going to hurt themselves and they’ll all stop skating in the middle of the damn road (/rant…just had to be said…)
  • People watching from outdoor benches or tables
  • Seeing people’s faces again – so long seven layers of winter warmth!
  • Green, budding trees and flowers :-)
  • The Square outside the Nick from noon onward (catches the afternoon sun splendidly)
  • The knowledge that tourism is going to be returning to So. Maine and the winter lull is (hopefully) over
  • Walking downtown and NOT feeling like various body parts are going to freeze off
  • Strolling downtown instead of the winter stalk/half-jog to get out of the cold
  • Did I mention the fact that winter’s over?

Don’t get me wrong, I love winter. There is nothing like the silence of a snowstorm, or the empty streets during a parking ban. That being said, one of the wonderful perks of a Maine winter is the prerogative to kvetch about it and the prerogative to thoroughly embrace the warm weather as it returns to the (occasionally) Arctic north.

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