Posted by: mydarkestplaces | March 11, 2009

I adore Leon Gorman…

I don’t think that there’s anyone who doubts my love of all things L.L. Bean (at least I hope there’s not!), that’s why  this made my heart so incredibly happy today. With all the hooplah currently resounding through the Maine media about the layoffs at L.L. Bean (I myself was/am slightly panicked), it’s important to remember where we’ve come from, where we are, and all the room that this fabulous company has to grow.

The book mentioned over at plaidout (L.L. Bean: The Making of an American Icon) is far and away one of my favorite books. Leon Gorman writes with an approachable style that makes you forget that he’s chairman of the Board for a billion dollar company. Just about everything that Mr. Gorman puts forth in his book shows what a unique place, and company, L.L. Bean is. The company is without a doubt a major corporation, however, it is still run with an entrepreneurial, small business spirit (as seen in the announcement of bonuses for all employees, even in the face of layoffs). I have shaken hands with Leon Gorman, waited on the president and CEO – Chris McCormick, joked around with the Senior Vice President of Retail, and talked shop with the Vice President of Retail Stores. Granted, these are opportunities that not every employee with L.L. Bean gets to have (since there are so many other stores out there now), that being said however, it’s also not such an unusual thing that it’s unheard of in other areas of the company . That just doesn’t happen other places (at least not of this scope. Anyone who works at a South Portland or Scarborough Hannaford, let me know if I’m off base!). 

I guess this is my wildly rambling way of saying “I love L.L. Bean.” And I look forward to the next 97 years with them!!!


  1. Thank you so much for the shout out!

  2. […] different. There are so many people like this in the state of Maine. Brenda Garrand, Leon Gorman (one of my heroes!), myriad others that fly under the radar. People who have the means to give, and to do so […]

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