Posted by: mydarkestplaces | March 10, 2009

Scared witless…

This came out today. We haven’t been unprepared for it per se. Chris McCormick, the CEO, sent out a communication in December saying “it’s going to be rough, we’re going to do x,y, and z, to try and avoid it, but you have to know that it’s a possibility”, but I think we all ignored it, or it got lost in the shuffle of Peak. There was another memo sent out, right towards the tail end of peak, that told us basically the same thing with the added bonus of letting us know that we didn’t do nearly as well as we had hoped over Peak. So today’s news shouldn’t be a shock to me. I think that it more has to do with not working much right now. There have been hours cut left and right and back again (the entire OFC is only working 6-hr shifts is the word on the street). Point being, that hearing the news this way, instead of from our leaders, really sucked. And obviously they can’t summon us all for a special meeting to tell us the news – that’s impractical and, well, stupid., but part of me thinks that if I had heard this in JD or MH’s voices, or even LF’s voice, that this would go down better for me. And as much as it may make me feel like an @sshole, I hope a lot of people take the retirement package. I hope enough take the package so we can save these jobs. I don’t envy the months ahead for Mr. McCormick, Ken, Greg and all the other leaders down to LF and PF. It’s going to be tough for them and for us…But it doesn’t stop me praying that there’s not a pink slip attached to my bonus check!!

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