Posted by: mydarkestplaces | August 26, 2020

White Privilege

I know there are people not just in THE world, but in MY world who question the existence of “white privilege.”

Let me learn you.

White privilege is thinking you’ll get a “Black Lives Matter” tattoo and then changing your mind because it would create challenges and difficulty in town and the work place.

I recently moved to a much more conservative community. A community whose Biden signs may, almost, equal the number of Trump signs in Portland. Maybe. I might be overestimating that.

But I’m making the choice whether to (or not) get a BLM tattoo in order to make my life less combative. My black friends don’t have that luxury. They’re kind of stuck being black.

I’m going to be thinking deeply about this for awhile. If you’re someone I typically bounce thoughts off of be prepared for more bouncing.

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