Posted by: mydarkestplaces | October 3, 2018

For the first time in awhile

I’m posting for the first time in a while, politically for the first time in longer. I’m sorry if this offends anyone – regular reader or happen upon – I’m sorry? You’re welcome to your opinions? But so am I.

If you’re reading this you likely have a working knowledge of my political alliances, but you also hopefully have an idea that I’m open to opposition. I think differing points of view, meeting in the middle, only makes the structure having the conversation stronger.

It’s my opinion that having Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court isn’t just a move to build a stronger structure it’s a move to undermine many structures.

I’m not even bringing Dr. Ford into this (though her story has merit, strength, and I believe her), but I just don’t feel Brett Kavanaugh is capable of sitting on that bench unbiased. I wouldn’t have wanted a leftist on the court under Obama or Clinton. I don’t want a rightist on the court under Trump.

By stacking the deck in any particular way for generations to come we’re not doing anything “to pass the world on a little better than we found it.” [Quote courtesy of “Crackpots and These Women” episode of the West Wing]


  1. They don’t care about a better place or peace. They care about lining their pockets. Both sides. Here In Nj we have the choice for Senate
    between a crook and a bigger crook. Kavanaugh will just help with the agenda

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