Posted by: mydarkestplaces | August 24, 2014

Ferguson, MO, and beyond

Because of all the all going on, I have a friend who had to have the “hands up don’t shoot” conversation with her kids this weekend. I imagine several other friends have been having similar conversations with their kids this weekend.

Fucking. Kids.

What. The. Fuck.

There are parts of our population jealous my friend got to wait until her kids were double digits. Parts of our population who are jealous my friend’s kids are still alive because that part of the population’s kids aren’t.

There are parts of our population who don’t see anything wrong with any of these situations. THAT same population will often whine and bitch and cry about how gays, gender non-conformists, divorcees, atheists and any other portion of the population not white, Christian and – preferably – male and rich (although white, Christian, stay at home mom is a reasonable alternative) are tearing apart the moral fabric of society.

I can appreciate that not everyone has the same world view as me. Not everyone had the same upbringing or the same life experiences as I (the reverse is also true). But can’t we all be on the same page about this? The page where people being dead because of ignorance, ineptitude and flat out hate is unequivocally wrong? Particularly when hidden behind a Badge? PARTICULARLY when the Badge’s superiors do everything in their power to protect the Badge?

The events of the last two weeks aren’t because a kid stole a cigar from a convenience store (one, multiple accounts say he didn’t; two, convenience store cigars don’t warrant eight shots into an unarmed man). The events of the last two weeks are because a city’s population is standing up for itself against the very people who abandoned their oath to serve and protect. The very people who showed, that day and every day since, that the lives of non-whites don’t hold the same value as whites.

**I’m sure it’s not every police officer. I know there are good police officers in Ferguson and the rest of the world. What’s happening right now isn’t a situation where the police can, in any way, be portrayed as individuals. They are a very lethal entity. An entity who has military grade tactical gear at their disposal –that they’re using – to “control” the population. The good is being FAR outweighed by the dangerous.


  1. Agreeing whole-heartedly with you.

    I would also like to point out that our SOPs (standard operating procedures) in the Marine Corps in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN were more locked down and stricter than those of the police force in Ferguson. My biggest pet peeve has been the way in which they handle their weapons. It should be more like this (this is taught and memorized and repeated throughout a Marine Corps career):

    1. Treat every weapon as if it were loaded.
    3. Keep your finger STRAIGHT AND OFF THE TRIGGER until you intend to fire.
    4. Keep your weapon on safe until you intend to fire.

    • I notice a trend. Don’t act any way you’re not prepared to back up.

      • Not just back up, but be prepared to deal with the consequences. These are rules to avoid accidents. You don’t want to accidentally shoot your buddy (or yourself) because you were trying to clear your weapon and it was pointed in the wrong direction

      • I so very badly wish the “be prepared for the consequences” was a required life lesson early on in people’s lives.

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