Posted by: mydarkestplaces | June 4, 2013

What does it freaking matter?

Newsflash: I’m a love-all-the-people liberal. I mean, not so much the pedophiles, murders and rapists, but, you know. everybody else who doesn’t necessarily fall into the stereotypical mold of what it means to be male or female. Especially because what does it have to do with me?

One of my faves at the coffee shop showed me this article about an insanely talented 22-year old basketball player who’s already played in the Olympics, lead her college team to the NCAA championships, runs roughshod over the competition in the WNBA and is the first openly gay athlete to sign an endorsement deal with Nike. And, oh yeah, she’s freaking gorgy. Statuesque, built, and so much confidence and dignity that it’s no surprise at all that Nike signed her. This led to a discussion between the aforementioned fave and I about friends we have who make us sick with their perfection.

This led me to hunt down on Facebook someone that I knew in college. Back in the day, JJ was a cross-dresser/drag queen. The dude had the best legs on campus. Seriously. It was fun to watch him strut campus in his mini skirts. It might have been just the people that I often found myself hanging around with, but it was always nice to just watch JJ walk (no, strut really is the best word for it) and, despite being isolated in the middle of Northern New York, there weren’t cat calls or pejorative name calling or things like that (that I could hear). Granted, I guess there’s a difference between the liberal oasis-ness of a college campus and beyond.

I digress.

Since graduation, JJ has done the full transition. JJ is now Jasmine. And she is still slammin’. Still the best legs around. And, from the limited pictures I’ve seen, she’s rocking the model scene out in sunny Cali (I think). One of the pictures she has posted on her FB page is a shot of one of her model pictures in an article talking about a lingerie line designed specifically for MtF women.

The lead in talks about this great line created by a “transgender woman.” Which is awesome. Except I long for a day that that doesn’t need to be the opening sentence.  Why do there have to be headlines like, “First female CEO for Yahoo!”, “First Female Secretary of State,” “First African-American President,” “First Gay Professional Athlete.” What does it matter what sort of plumbing someone has or what pigment of melanin is in someone’s skin, who they sleep with at night or how many people they sleep with in the course of a night or week?



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