Posted by: mydarkestplaces | October 20, 2012

Not my best post ever, but here it is…

To climb off my soap box of the past few posts, today is a good day.

The Middle and Near East are still devolving into an endless cycle of violence. Our national, state and local politics are still a morass of negativity and nastiness.

But today is a good day.

After the past couple weeks of work, which have been long, tortuous, physical and frustrating, I needed a good day.
I’ve alluded to and talked about my lack of work-life balance, but I think the past two weeks have really nailed home how important a not horrible work-life balance is. This week I had the benefit of working with a couple really good friends to wrap up a major league effort for work, but that was really the extent of my social time. At work. I didn’t go out for beers, didn’t meet people for coffee, didn’t see a movie. I parked my car in the lot before the attendant was there and left well after they were gone for the day (plus side, I didn’t have to pay for parking on one of those days).

Yesterday I had my first real social time in…well…a long time. We hung out at my friend’s apartment, drinking beers, listening to music. We went to Friendly’s. We ate ice cream. We laughed. We bitched. We did nothing. It was pretty awesome. Today I’ve done more hanging out – at Bard, drinking way too much coffee (socially), laughing too loudly, probably being too judgmental, but just having an awesome time. I feel my happy meter slowly recharging.

I still don’t say no enough and forgive way too easily. And that won’t change at any point in the foreseeable future. But for now, I’m content with not working eighty hour weeks. And hanging out with Andy, Bex and Mike Lewis. Because they make me happy.

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