Posted by: mydarkestplaces | January 27, 2012

Physical Inventory

Tuesday is the day that I’ve been leading up to for the past month. Physical inventory.

It’s a pretty self-explanatory process. A team goes through the store and counts, by hand, the number of items currently within the store’s four walls. I’m told there’s some kind of tax man reason for this. For me it’s so that we can actually know what the heck is in the store. The day after inventory is one of the most joyous days in the retail world.*
For the past month, I’ve been doing prep work for this. Mapping out the store to within an inch of its life. Creating extensive spread sheets to keep our data contained. Tagging, counting and reorganizing the crap out of some of our more problematic areas of backstock.
I know, on paper, how this should all go off. Without a hitch. I can’t help but think that, in reality, this is going to be a failure of epic proportions. Do we have enough computers? Do we have enough (functional) scanners? How do I verify what’s in the boxes? Do I actually trust who I have doing the counting? Have I done everything within my power to minimize the number of difficulties that crop up?
I have no idea. And with only 16 hours of shifts left before my weekend and before PI it’s not really any exaggeration to say that I’m freaking the hell out.
*Others may not hold this same belief. However, being an operations person, accuracy is my drug of choice. I LOVE when the computers are right :)
Disclaimer – this is why, for the next five days or so – I’m going to be surly as all get out. It’s not from lack of caffeine, low blood sugar or lack of sleep (it might be because of lack of sleep), it’s me freaking out over how successful – or unsuccesful – inventory just may be.

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