Posted by: mydarkestplaces | May 9, 2011

One heck of a hiatus

So. Turns out my last post was March 18th. Almost a full two months ago.

This was not planned. Especially given current events – internationally, nationally, locally and even in my own life.

In the interim I have been doing an obscene amount of reading – averaging around a book a week. I’ve even been able to keep up with my book purchases which many would tell you is quite the impressive feat.

I’m a smart person. I know that reading many different kinds of text is crucial to the writing process. And I have been skipping back and forth from young adult literature to non-fiction to romance to classic literature to contemporary fiction. Reading this much is only going to help me improve as a writer. An end goal I very much desire.

Here’s the caveat:

It only helps you improve as a writer if you write.

I can’t help but wonder if my lack of writing is some kind of avoidance.

My life has been kind of topsy turvy of late. Not necessarily in a bad way, just in a chaotic kind of way. I accepted a new job at a company not L.L.Bean (something I never expected to happen). And it’s going to be awesome, and I’m excited, and it’s a big step up in my career. It’s just not L.L.Bean. Yes, I’m pouting a little bit about this. But only a little. Because of this unexpected development in my professional life, I’ve found myself doing a lot of thinking.

They tell me thinking is a good thing. Most days I would agree. Maybe even today I agree.

Where do I want to go. What do I want to do. Who do I want to do it for, with.

Ultimately I guess I’ve just fallen victim to that disorder called “the Twenties”.

Everything is going to work out. Somehow it always has and always does.

Alas, being a product of my generation, I want it all to settle down now.



  1. Being a product of my generation. What exactly does that mean to you?

    I ask this an interested human resource manager. At our Maine HR Convention last week, we heard from multiple genration on this topic, ‘dealing with Gen Y’ – two Baby Boomers, one Gen X, but no Gen Y. I’m not sure yet what that means and seek further knowledge.

    I do see below that you have three numbered Job Scategories, will read for further illumination.

    • To me “being a product of my generation” (I’m 27) means falling prey to immediate gratification.

      I have no doubt that, should I have stayed solely with LLBean, I would have eventually attained a higher position. My problem is that it would have taken me much longer had I stayed at LLBean.

      That’s not to say that would have been a bad choice. It’s something that generations of people have done – even something that some of my peers have done. I just wanted something *now*

      I really found myself in a situation not many do in this job market: a win-win. I had a choice between two great companies where the biggest discernible difference was the position. I wanted it now and was lucky enough to get it.

      As for jobs #1-3, there was a time in 2009 where I had three jobs at once. I used the tags to differentiate when I was reluctant to use the names of the companies :)

  2. I feel that. I’m ready to settle, too. I’ve been bouncing around since I graduated, and I’m tired of making new friends every year. I want something where I can build and plan and save so that I can start living the life I REALLY want (aka buying a house, starting a family, etc.).

    Congrats on your new job (and it’s okay to pout!). :)

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