Posted by: mydarkestplaces | February 21, 2011

North Africa and the Middle East

Predictably, as I get older, I’ve begun to see things less in black and white and much more in shades of gray. There’s no way I, as a mere mortal – even one of above average intelligence – can ever hope to understand the intricacies of politics, especially global politics.

That being said.

I am a human being.

I know killing is wrong.

I know hurting and killing people solely because they disagree with my views is abhorrent.

I can’t guarantee that the United States has “the best” form of government. In fact, I can almost guarantee that we don’t. ((Caveat: at this point we may not have the best, but we do have one of the least bad forms)) But regardless of constitutional monarchy, democracy, or republic, what’s happening in Bahrain, Libya and an ever lengthening list of Arab states is WRONG.

Admittedly, I am looking at things from not only a Western view, but a privileged, white, non-Islamic view. The ideas of a theocracy, of a dictatorship, are as foreign to me as the countries where these forms of government are present.

The murder of civilians doesn’t seem to be an ambiguous issue. More, hindering assistance for the injured is disgusting.

My heart is breaking for the unrest, the pain, deaths and disappearances that are plaguing North Africa and the Middle East. As human beings we should be able to look to our government for leadership, for protection. With so many ills in the world, we shouldn’t have to fear the government, too.

If you are the praying type, please say one. If not, positive thoughts, letters, tweets, emails. Let Libyans, Bahrainis, people of the world know that they are not alone or forgotten.


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