Posted by: mydarkestplaces | December 21, 2010

Love, Light and God. What?

I have a tough time explaining my thoughts about God and/or religion. I am not an atheist, I am not agnostic, but I’m also fairly certain I’m not a Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, or Hindu.

I believe there is something bigger than us out there. To me that…entity?…does not fall into any Judeo-Christian category, it’s just something that is. For me, this is never clearer then when I’m walking in the woods and see a hawk or eagle soaring over head. How can something that is so majestic be accidental?

I understand people of faith. It’s nice to have something to cling to in times of trial and tribulation. To a certain extent, I’m jealous of people of faith. To believe so unfailingly that there is someone or something that is guiding their actions or reactions relieves a lot of personal responsibility. There are times I’ve toyed with the idea of returning to church, looking for that fulfillment that my mind doesn’t give me.

I also understand the hyper-rational. Why believe in something that is so intangible? Science has created a timeline for the universe that (at least to me) is irrefutable.

So how do I reconcile these warring ideas in my mind and heart?

There are three tenets that I believe/try to live my life by:

  1. Treat others as you’d like to be treated: The Golden Rule cannot be undersold. Treat people with compassion and love and you will be treated with compassion and love in return.
  2. “God doesn’t forgive because God never condemned.” This quote is from a Swedish movie called As It Is In Heaven and explains in seven words the issues I have with modern religions. I refuse to believe that if there is a sentient God that s/he/it is a vengeful judging being. When I die, if there is an afterlife (another concept I’m not completely sold on) I fully expect to be embraced with love.
  3. The times when you have seen only one set of footprints is when I carried you.” This iconic line is the conclusion to the “Footprints in the Sand” poem. As stated above, I’m not sure about any Judeo-Christian God, but I do believe there’s something up there that is looking out for us. We aren’t served up any more than we can handle, but for those times we feel like we are, that’s when something happens that eases that burden. That’s why when I’m at my lowest I go for a walk in the woods, and I see that hawk, and I’m reminded of the beauty in the world around me. To me this can’t be accidental.

I don’t know why this is the day that I’ve decided to write about my feelings on faith and religion, but since hearing that line from As it is in Heaven last night, all I can think of is, if there is a God, I want that God to be full of love and light, not the hate and judgement that so many religions seem to assert that it is.


  1. I shall wish you a Merry Christmas from a secular standpoint then. ;) I am Christian and devout about it – it is wonderful in times of tribulation but I cling to it on a daily basis especially in moments of joy when I’m thankful and give praise. My Christian faith doesn’t relieve me of personal responsibility; if anything, it places more responsibility on me as I model what it is to be a Christian with a servant’s nature and loving my neighbors (that’s the hard one!). Like your blog. Cheers! ;)

    • I love that you see your faith as placing more responsibility on you to love and support your friends/neighbors. It is my experience that too many “people of faith” don’t see it that way.

      And a merry non-secular Christmas to you friend :)

  2. We need to have a beer. But I also want to say that faith is more about mystery than trying to explain the damn thing. I love the idea that life is a question.

    • Haha I don’t. I like my mind and heart well ordered, thank you LOL

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