Posted by: mydarkestplaces | November 11, 2010

Go Figure

Life has been going better than average for my lately. I’ve been cranking along on my “book,” work is going well, friends are well. Stands to reason, of course something’s going to go wrong.

My car wouldn’t start this morning. With AM looking on, my hopes that it was just a dead battery quickly faded. The hope that maybe it was just a spark plug faded even quicker. Now I sit, waiting for my mechanic to show up with his wrecker to drag my beloved Casey off to the garage.

Why must life be so difficult when things are going well?

I hate Murphy’s Law.


  1. And you were missed at the coffee shop this morning. Thursday mornings without WFTR just aren’t the same.

    • I was in the car to go to you guys! And it DIED.

      I missed you, you Culture Vulture, you ;) :)

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