Posted by: mydarkestplaces | March 4, 2010

Loving Retail

The past week has been great for getting me back on an even keel. I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed with life. Between bills and cars and bills and work and the feeling that, “Oh my god this is the rest of my life,” I’ve been needing to just stop for a minute or two, collect my thoughts and re-evaluate what I want to do.

And here is where I make my confession. I. Love. Retail. That’s it. My confession.

I have a degree from a leading liberal arts college (and the debt that accompanies such a prestigious piece of paper). I learned a lot academically and personally. I am an incredibly bright individual who could likely do any manner of things in this world. And I’m content to play around in the stores that I’ve worked in over the past three years.

Whether it’s stocking, inventory control, merchandising (especially merchandising), or customer servicing. I enjoy the variety I get working in retail. No two days are the same. No two customers are the same. Basically my ADD is perfectly assuaged.

The best thing about this past week is I’ve been able to focus more on what I’d like to end up doing. In chatting with some local business owners, I’ve decided that I would LOVE to start focusing on merchandising.

It’ll be interesting to see where this road takes me, but it’s nice to have a goal slightly more focused than generic “retail.”

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