Posted by: mydarkestplaces | January 13, 2010

Brilliant People

I am surrounded by brilliant people.

No, really, I am.

The people that I talk to on a daily basis are tops of their field. In the state, in the region, and beyond. Sometimes that’s intimidating and I question how I am a part of this incredible group of people. But other times, it’s refreshing.

Last night was Portland Greendrinks sponsored by VIA Group and maine. magazine. Now, I had never been to a Greendrinks before yesterday. I went with the vague understanding that it’s a good time to network, and there’s free beer. Two things that people in the city of Portland know how to take advantage of. Personally, I went because two people that I follow on Twitter, and have gotten to know “in real life,” work for VIA and were really pulling for a good turnout. (Boy did they get it!)

But this isn’t really about Greendrinks. Almost any event with free beer is going to be a raging success (especially when the hosts are so darn likeable). No, this is about brilliance at work. Of the nearly 400 folks who graced VIA with their presence this evening, I knew a fair few. And watching these people I know principally through their tweets turn on the charm and work the room, it was like a ballet.

Don’t get me wrong, being surrounded by the best and the brightest can be very hard and intimidating. Especially when often times I’m not sure I’m actually living up to my potential, but tonight? Tonight I was proud to be part of a talent pool that runs deep. Even if I’m only brilliant by association. Even if I’m Brilliant’s younger sibling that-tags-along-and-ruins-all-the-fun-and-ohmigod-i’m-telling-mom ::deep breath::.

Dumb friends – friends who either lack in intelligence or make stupid decisions (or both) can bring you down.What they don’t tell you is that brilliant friends can bring you up. It’s great to have a group that consistently makes me feel smarter. I want to know everything and, finally, with this group I feel I can start making inroads on that goal.


  1. Thank you so much for your kind words in this post. I think you underestimate your own brilliance. You have certainly caught my attention on Twitter and I had no idea that you had a blog until today. Needless to say, I will now be a regular reader as, in addition to this post, what I have seen is great. I looked for you on Networked Blogs and could not find you … you should be there. Thank you for coming last night and helping to make the event a great success. We absolutely could not have done it with the support of the Portland social media community and people like you. rg

  2. Sorry – That should have read “We absolutely could not have done it withOUT the support of the Portland social media community and people like you.

    Apologies for sloppiness.

  3. No apologies necessary re: sloppiness. A) I read it as “without” to begin with and B) I imagine you’re a little bit tired today haha

    As for joining the networked blogs – I’ve thought about it, but I don’t know that I update it nearly enough (although maybe it would be an incentive TO update more regularly :P)

    Thanks again for throwing a great party. You, Emily and the rest of the VIA team (as well as maine. mag) did great work. And thanks for reading my blog :)

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