Posted by: mydarkestplaces | November 4, 2009

A Response to Out of Staters

{{This post was originally going to be a comment to Matt’s post on Life Without Pants, but I decided to make it a post here instead.}}

As a Mainer, believe you me I am incredibly upset about the result of yesterday’s election. As someone who donated time and money trying to secure victory. As someone who didn’t see friends for months because they were working for the campaign. As someone who has friends and family who are affected by the repeal. As someone who PROUDLY voted No on 1. I had a lot invested in the results of yesterday’s election, and continue to have a lot invested in the continuuing battle.

That. Being. Said.

Be disappointed with the results, but do not consign my state to the devil just yet. There have been 30 other states that have had marriage come up for a vote. They have all failed as well. Marriage in Maine barely lost. Let’s look at the fact that one of the truest, “Bluest” states in the Union – California – even voted down marriage. One of the most liberal states in the Union voted down marriage in a similar ratio to what Maine did. Where that is damning for California, it is hopeful for Maine. Personally, I won’t rest – and I know many who WILL NOT REST – until we can dance down the aisles of our friends’ and loved ones’ weddings.

As a final note. And this is going to come across as snarky, but I’m mostly okay with this today.

Out of curiosity, how’s gay marriage doing in Illinois? Tennessee? New York or California for that matter? Maine may be on the edges, both of the Atlantic and the Blue States, but we are hardly the first – nor do I suppose we’ll be the last – Blue State to vote down marriage equality.

I want to see marriage equality blanket this country. I want my aunts to be able to cross state lines and know that they’re going to have the same protections they have at home. I think Maine was poised to make history yesterday, and no, we didn’t follow through. But guess what? The results bode well for the next time. And believe me, there WILL be a next time.


  1. I had the same response to Maine as I did with every other state that has done this: shame. Granted, where I live (Florida) we elect creationist mayors, so I know we’re far, far away from anything remotely close to true equality.

  2. Well said.

  3. Believe me when I say that I really do not have anything against the state of Maine (even though the title of my post would somewhat contradict that. Rather, it is a representation of societies inability to accept difference and change. You mention Illinois in Tennessee – in Tennessee especially (my home state for 23 years) I can’t even IMAGINE them coming close to voting in favor of gay marriage – so in the case of my mom, she’s pretty much SOL if she stays in Nashville, the Bible-buckle of America.

    My thoughts were not centered around Maine’s decision, but rather, society as a whole, and the fact that even though we have come far, there is still a very long way to go. If everyone remains positive, as you are here, we will persevere and enact real change in this country. I have complete faith in our generation.

  4. <3

  5. Amen sister gal! The revolution will continue here.

    Do you remember in ’99 when homosexual equal rights was voted down like 70% to 30%. I see progress and hope where others see only a loss and anger. We will not be silenced. We will be victorious.

    We will make sure that in the end, the greatest of these things TRULY will be love.

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