Posted by: mydarkestplaces | May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Originally I hadn’t intended this post to be a Memorial Day post. I’ve been starting and stopping this post for the past week, trying to figure out the best way to write it. I’ve decided to jump in, feet first. 

On a day projected to be in the 70s, blue sky and puffy white clouds for as far as the eye can see, and a day off for the majority of Americans, today presents the perfect time to remember the reason for Memorial Day. There are close to 25 million veterans in America today. All have made sacrifices to ensure that we can sit outside and barbecue on days like today. We need to take the opportunity to thank them, whether they be young or old, and remember – as politically charged as this phrase is – freedom isn’t free and we need to thank those who continue to ensure it day in and day out. 

So thanks Dad, Granddad, and Uncle Dean. Casey D., Mike N., and all the others who have spent time in the service or who are still serving. You are all people that I can be proud of having touched my life in some way over the past 25 years and, hopefully, for many years going forward.


  1. you summed it up perfectly.

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