Posted by: mydarkestplaces | May 10, 2009

Parallels, or one potential reason why I love Portland as much as St. Lawrence

So, without a doubt I love Portland (as seen here and here), and I most DEFINITELY love(d) St. Lawrence. I just hadn’t drawn this important parallel until one of my good friends said it: “Portland does brunch like no one else.” This is true, there are a number of places in Portland where one can get an excellent brunch (188, Hot Suppa!, Becky’s, Marcy’s and the Front Room to name a few). And, depending on where you choose, the wait can be anything from fifteen minutes (Becky’s) to thirty minutes (Front Room and Hot Suppa!). In case you’re wondering where the parallel is – for any of my readers who have been to St. Lawrence in the far North Country of New York – Dana brunch is a must-do after the “rigors” of the weekend. The wait wasn’t as long, and maybe the dining hall food wasn’t exactly as good as Hot Suppa!’s french toast or applewood bacon, but if you weren’t at brunch to fill in Saturday night’s gap with your friends, then you were likely still passed out in bed. There are a lot more similarities between SLU and Portland – the demographics, the intense activism, and a deep-seeded enjoyment of the outdoors to name a few. But it wasn’t until my friend mentioned a love for brunch that the image clicked for me. Add this to my list of hopes and dreams: may I never live anywhere besides a place with a love of brunch.


  1. Frog and Turtle in Westbrook..
    Caiola’s in the west end..

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