Posted by: mydarkestplaces | April 20, 2009

Amazing Technology

Although I love my gadgets, I would by no means call myself someone on the cutting edge of technology. That’s why I am constantly amazed at the strides that have been made in the past few years. When I graduated college all those years ago (*cough cough* okay, three years ago *cough cough*) video iPods were just being released, multitouch interfaces were just a dream for consumers, and the Playstation 2 was still considered cutting edge. You could get ginormous TVs, but they were mind numbingly expensive (as opposed to today’s mildly staggering expensive), and SD memory cards still cost 80 bucks for 512 MB. Flash forward. Today there are iPhones and iPod touches, you can get a 2GB memory card for 20 bucks (at an expensive store), and you can get a ginormous TV for under 500 dollars.

Now, I consider myself a product of my generation. I have long considered my cell phone a fifth appendage. But when I got my first phone text messing was borderline too advanced for it and getting on the web? Fuhgedaboutit. And today I’m writing a blog post from my cell phone. From my cell phone, I say. I’m constantly amazed at where we’ve come from, and evidently where we still have yet to go. I can’t wait to see what innovative companies come up with as our tech savvy society continues to progress.

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