Posted by: mydarkestplaces | April 11, 2009

Waste of time and other observations/news

One of the things that I should probably get over at some point in my life is getting paid to do nothing. Tonight I felt like for two hours I stood around not accomplishing a whole heck of a lot. There was a little bit of busy work,but not really anything that wouldn’t have been done if I wasn’t there. I feel like that means I’m a waste of a company’s money, and I’m wasting my time. If this waste of time/money is occurring before a busy time (say, 9am on a Saturday in Freeport), that’s one thing. That’s the calm before the storm – or the eye of the storm depending on the time of year. However, when the store is dead at 8pm on a Saturday night in April, face it – the night’s over! Today was my last double for a while (depending on whether the Powers That Be at Job #3/1 need me), it is the Saturday before Easter, and we were CRANKING this morning! I’m exhausted, and I’m not really focused on Job #2, I’m thinking about Job #3/1 and what I can do to improve my performance there. I asked to be sent home early and was, instead, sent on another wild goose chase. I sometimes just want to shake this person and say “cut your losses!”. They may not save a lot by sending me home early, but doesn’t every dollar saved go straight to the bottom line? 

In other news, I mentioned it above, but it bears mentioning again: today was my last double for a while!! Words cannot express just how excited this makes me. My body is going to have a regular schedule! No more some days up at 8am, bed at 12am, up at 3pm, bed at 4am, rinse and repeat. For the most part I’m going to be working sometime between 11am and 10pm. And a regular schedule…dear God, I don’t think I’ve *EVER* had one of those!!

Interesting tidbit – and I’m looking for feedback here folks! There’s a business conference/workshop/thinger coming up mid-May at the Civic Center. There are going to be communications classes, leadership classes, and all manner of other development forums. Admission is only $19. Should I go? There are a lot of things I want to learn regarding business. Both how to run a successful one as an individual, but also how to be a cog in the wheel of a successful business. On the other hand, I’m worried that the manner of business people that are going to attend these meetings aren’t necessarily going to be the example I want to walk away with. I want to learn best practices from small businesses (Clay City, Longfellow Books, various other local groups) or ethically sound corporations (L.L. Bean, Job #3/1). I’m worried that instead of being a learning opportunity, the day could turn into a networking orgy. I need your feedback!! Help! Do I spend the $20?!


  1. Don’t spend the $$, but you should go to the Civic Center. Email me for more. (Feel free not to post this.)

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