Posted by: mydarkestplaces | April 8, 2009


A professor of mine once said that the sunshine laws passed in the 1970s were some of the most damaging to the act of governing because congressmen were no longer able to legislate contentious issues based on what was right, but rather were forced to vote based on what would get them re-elected. That’s certainly a strong argument for keeping important decisions and conversations behind closed doors. And, to a certain extent, I believe that the sunshine laws have limited what legislators are able to do – and get away with – when it comes to actually legislating. However,for the most part I am a proponent of transparency and communication. Without either of these, things can go swiftly awry.

Case in point – turns out the left hand wasn’t talking to the right when approval was handed down for my status promotion at Job #3/1. My department spoke to an assistant store manager, who gave the OK (standing in for a vacationing store manager). Alas, upon the store manager’s return a conversation occurred going something like this: “we made her ft” “uh, what?” “Yeah, he said it was okay” “uh, what?”

So – to recap – miscommunication (*ahem* lack thereof?) is bad. But what happens after such a serious mishap is ultimately what determines a person’s perception. My manager sat down with me after getting the news and said “so, this was messed up. We thought we were doing things by the book, turns out that was wrong and although we can’t give you the official status, we can still give you the hours.” That conversation did more to earn my trust than any prevaricating she could have attempted. Knowing that my managers are always going to shoot straight with me, and are going to do everything they can to see me succeed, is worth more than any status upgrade could achieve.

Moral of the story – despite some second guessing last week, I truly am with an absolutely great company. I can’t wait to see where the winds of change take me next.


  1. Now aren’t you glad I am not one to say “I told you so”? In the long run you will be glad you stuck it out. When you least expect it, good things will happen if you are persistent and hardworking.

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