Posted by: mydarkestplaces | March 18, 2009

Vagaries of iTunes

One of my favorite writers, Wil Wheaton, has been known to share his frustrations/amazement with iTunes. While amusing to me (seriously, who doesn’t love fictional conversations with technology?), I maybe wasn’t as sympathetic as could be to the plight of randomized iTunes. That is until I lost all my playlists on iTunes and my iPod.  In the past hour I have heard the Backstreet Boys (don’t judge me…), Tom Petty, some tracks from Les Miserables, Ray Charles, the Wallflowers, Incubus, Barenaked Ladies, and some remastered versions of Ella Fitzgerald. Although I may have forgotten that I have some of this music in my Library, it’s still startling to hear some of these songs in conjunction with each other. Seriously, Backstreet Boys followed by Tom Petty? Somewhere Tom Petty’s head is hurting and he doesn’t even know why.

It makes for an interesting trip down memory lane. After all, listening to the 90s Smart Playlist truly is a trip through my adolescence. And it reminds me of not only the rough parts of growing up, but some of the best (and awesomely worst).  

Regardless, it definitely makes me wish that my iPod wasn’t ancient and had (a) the Genius capability or (b) it – or my phone- had the ability to access Pandora…Oh well, with some of the changes that are coming up, maybe I’ll have the ability to squirrel away enough to get an iPod Touch.

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