Posted by: mydarkestplaces | March 15, 2009

The Way We Live Now – Growing Up on Facebook –

**Evidently today is Wax Philosophical Day for me, so bear with me!!**

This is an incredibly interesting article that most definitely makes one wonder about the effect that Facebook, myspace and all the other social networking sites are having on our/my/your generations.

It’s hard for me to imagine growing up with Facebook. I was able to do as the author of this article did: “swagger off to college (where I knew no one) without looking back…refining my adult self with each jump.” ((Although instead of heading off on adventures I find myself contentedly back in Maine)). But would it truly have been “running away” or breaking the mold if I had had Facebook to keep me leashed to my home? Can you ever have the guts to break the mold that was formed for you in your childhood when, even if school is thousands of miles away, your childhood is still following right behind you? There are few people who can claim to be immune to the influence of others. Every person is always seeking approval from someone. How can we grow as adults if we find ourselves looking for approval from the people we knew as adolescents? It’s just another way of being typecast. I know there are always going to be people who think of me as {Mom} and {Dad}’s little girl; people who see me as that wiseass who always spoke out in class (or didn’t, as the case may be); or people who see me as the mediocre student. Well, guess what. I’m not that person anymore – and I know it and am content in that knowledge. But I didn’t have Facebook until I was 20 years old. Still young, still impressionable, and still subject to a lot of growth (heck, five years down the road and I still find myself growing everyday), but with a solid base beneath me to build my identity on. The question is, do kids growing up in this self-imposed spotlight know that they don’t always have to be what people perceive or want them to be? Do they know that they don’t have to paint themselves into a corner? That they don’t have to force themselves to fit in a niche if they know, deep down, that it’s not a niche they want to be in?

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