Posted by: mydarkestplaces | March 9, 2009

Things I don’t want to do

And the list is myriad, but working in a grocery store – even if it’s for an incredible company like my company is – isn’t necessarily a lifelong aspiration of mine. ((Seriously, think about it, who says growing up “I want to bag people’s groceries someday!”)) There are days that I dread going to work at this particular business because it’s not something that I am impassioned about. That being said, I can fake it (and fairly damn well if I do say so myself!!) and even if I don’t love it, I still take pride in what I put forward to customers and co-workers. This is why it bugs me SO much to see how others behave while at work. On my top ten list of pet peeves are (in no particular order): leaning back to the customers, chatting with each other rather than the customer, not chatting at ALL with either co-workers or customers, throwing produce (or any groceries for that matter!), swearing audibly – especially with customers around, telling inappropriate jokes, sitting down, not finding something to do when there’s nothing to do*, acting like it’s an inconvenience to social hour when a customer does come up to the register, taking your sweet time bagging because you’re so engrossed in a conversation with a co-worker. 

* There are times when it’s acceptable to do nothing when there’s nothing to do – and that’s when policy dictates that you can’t leave your immediate area. I would argue, however, that there is ALWAYS something to be done, especially in grocery stores or retail establishments. 
I can’t help how I feel about these things. Maybe if I had been taught customer service at Job #2 instead of Job #1 I would feel a little bit different, but deference to the customer is such an intrinsic part of everything that is done at Job #1 (particularly in my department) that not dropping EVERYTHING to help a customer (and with a smile, despite what projects are dropped), is completely foreign to me. When a customer approaches you, whether with a question or looking to check out, they should be your sole focus. I care what you did last weekend (sort of), but if a customer approaches me asking for peanut butter or for footwear, they are going to get my undivided attention and you are no longer my focus. 
Sorry this is a little rant-y, but people were so unbelievable tonight that I could barely stand it. The people I work with are AWESOME. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy working with them, they help me when I need it, they keep me entertained and – most importantly – they make a seven hour shift feel like four. But I wish there was a slightly higher sense of professionalism to be found.


  1. Yep. Yep I agree on basically all of those points. There’s so much that doesn’t get done at my Job #2 because the other folks are too freakin’ lazy to empty the trash or the hanger boxes, or put the media away correctly. ::sigh:: kids today… ;)

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